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How to Make Raw Milk Yogurt

A Quick and Easy Raw Milk Yogurt Recipe By Jenny Nourished Kitchen Raw milk yogurt is a sort of holy grail for traditional foods enthusiasts, coupling the enzymatic and probiotic components of both fresh milk and fermentation in one glorious, creamy, lovely food.  Served over baked oatmeal or soaked oatmeal porridge, on its own or as a basis for savory…


Study shows: Organic milk and meat contain 50% more omega-3 fatty acids

(NaturalHealth365) Omega-3 fatty acids offer a panacea of health benefits, as do organic foods. But, something more exciting, there’s now evidence that organic milk and grass-fed meats contain as much as 50 percent more of the health-sustaining omega-3s you’ve been trying to get more of anyway. Omega-3s bring with them a range of positive effects, including improving immune function and lowering…


20 Ways To Use Sour Raw Milk

The Great Ways You Can Use Your Sour Milk For Your Cooking & Even Garden by jill winger The Praire Homestead I wasn’t very far into my real food journey the first time I heard the term “clabber.” My initial thought was, “What the heck is that?” So I promptly headed to Google to check it out. It’s amazing how…

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Queens Birthday Weekend Delivery Changes of Raw Milk

Cornucopia & The Village Butcher will be delivered on Tuesday 7th June instead of Monday. Delivery at the same time of the day. Auckland Customers your milk will be delivered on Wednesday 8th of June instead of Tuesday. Spencers will be the same delivery time but IE Produce you may be later in the day. Have a great long weekend!!

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