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Latest News

Lindsay Farm Dairy Open Day 2021

Come and enjoy a fun day at the farm and enjoy all of the activities. A great opportunity to see how we do things at our organic dairy farm. Everyone is welcome! 13th February  12pm till 4pm 601 Lindsay Rd  Waipukurau


Lindsay Farm Open Day 2020

We are excited to have our farm open day! 600 Lindsay Rd Waipukurau Sunday 1st  March 2020 12pm  till  4pm Its a great opportunity to come and meet our family and see how we produce your milk here at the farm. Its a great day out coming to meet the cows and see Ashton Family Organics chickens. We have organized…

Latest News

Lindsay Farm Open Day!

OPEN DAY Saturday 25th of February 2017 12pm – 4pm 601 Lindsay Rd Waipukurau Come to the Farm to visit and meet YOUR cows! Here is your opportunity to come and see where the cows are milked and how we bottle the milk. It will be a families fun day with lots of activities for the kids and a…


The evidence is in: Raw milk actually boosts immunity, prevents infections

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would like us all to believe that raw milk is a flaming health hazard with the potential to cause a national disaster. What could be more toxic than raw food, right? That must be what is making our nation sick – not the over-consumption of genetically-modified, pesticide-laden foodstuffs. However, a recent study…


Cow’s Milk Versus Nut Milk… And The Winner is?

For as long as I can remember, dairy milk has been a part of my life. A constant companion providing lubrication for my breakfast cereal, creaminess for my tea or coffee, dilution for my smoothies and vital ingredient for my baking, I’ve always just taken milk for granted. It’s a necessary part of living my life, and I would never…


Lower Your Cholesterol – Help reduce your LDL Cholesterol

From – RAW-MILK-FACTS .COM Understanding cholesterol and its various roles in whole, raw milk, other foods, and our bodies, is not an easy task. Entire books (including a great one I’ll tell you about later) are devoted to explaining this complex and controversial topic. My Primer will just scratch the surface, but hopefully pique your interest to learn more about…


New Science Confirms that Drinking Raw Milk is Remarkably Safe

by Ethan Huff All of those antiquated government talking points about the alleged dangers of drinking raw milk have once again been debunked, this time by a series of scientific risk assessments recently published in the Journal of Food Protection. A press release published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) explains that, based on the results of three new quantitative…


Forget what you believe about full-fat dairy

Research finds that low-fat dairy may not be the healthier choice. Step away from the skim milk and put down that low-fat cheese. The latest research turns old advice on its head by concluding that full-fat dairy may be better for your health than skim and low-fat varieties. Health experts have been advising dairy consumers for years that fat is…


How to Make Raw Milk Yogurt

A Quick and Easy Raw Milk Yogurt Recipe By Jenny Nourished Kitchen Raw milk yogurt is a sort of holy grail for traditional foods enthusiasts, coupling the enzymatic and probiotic components of both fresh milk and fermentation in one glorious, creamy, lovely food.  Served over baked oatmeal or soaked oatmeal porridge, on its own or as a basis for savory…

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