Lindsay Farm HB transporter operator: Volunteer agreement

1. Parties

This Agreement is between:  Lindsay farm HB ltd and
Name : {Name as provided on Sign Up form}

The Employer’s address is 566 Lindsay Road, Waipukurau
The Employer’s number is 068585333

2. Position

The position is: Volunteer transporter

You report to Ange Brooks
Purpose of position is transport RCS raw milk from depot to home address

Key Responsibilities:

  • Store milk in clean chilly bin/container
  • Keep milk below 6 degrees and above freezing
  • Record date and time milk is uplifted from depot
  • RCS milk to delivered to home address within the 30 hour rule

 Key Performance Indicators

  • Spot checks of compliance will be carried out by depot staff and management of Lindsay farm HB

3. Policy and rules

You must observe and comply with all rules, policies and procedures in force, and failure to do so could result in you been asked to cease your duties. We are entitled from time to time to amend, cancel or introduce such rules, policies and procedures as we consider necessary, and such amendments will take effect when notified to you.

4. Employee obligation

You are expected to use courteous and considerate behaviour in all dealings with depot staff and Lindsay farm HB staff.

5. Transport vehicle

Drivers use a warranted, registered and insured vehicle when driving for Lindsay farm HB. Drivers required to hold current NZ license.

6. Support

Lindsay Farm HB will provide support  and supervision




Name: {Name as provided on Sign Up form}

Date: {Date of submission of Sign Up form}

Signed: {Agreement as provided on Sign Up form}



Name: Lindsay farm HB Ltd

Date: {Date of submission of Sign Up form}

Signed: Lindsay farm HB Ltd