The Cows

We have a herd of 100 cows with 50- 60 in milk production at a time. To maintain all year supply we have 2 cows calving each week and they are in production for a maximum of 8 – 10 months.

We run a closed system so all stock including babies are on farm.

Our herd is 100% A2A2. We have a mixture of breeds but mostly Jersey cows for their delicious creamy milk!

We run a holistic pasture management programme which encourages lots of diversity and quality feed for the cows and builds carbon in our soil.

We are a fully certified organic farm under Bio Gro. We do not use antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, or palm kernel.

We do not supply a Dairy Company, we sell all of our milk raw and direct to customers


Passionate about Your Milk

At Lindsay Farm Dairy, we are passionate about producing the best quality milk possible for our children and grandchildren. So that we know we can offer the best milk and do it consistently, we make sure our cows are happy and healthy.

We believe quality whole food is the key to a healthy happy body and know that milk truly is nature at it’s best.

Meet the team

Paul Ashton


Paul is in charge of the bottling of the milk and development of the farm and facilities on the farm. You will also see Paul out doing the deliveries around Hawkes Bay

Christine Ashton


Christine has a support role in the business

Christine is the book worm who brings new ideas keeping us on our toes to make sure we produce the best quality product we can.

Bryan Donovan

Bryan does the deliveries of milk around Hawke’s Bay and also does the bottling.

Bryan is Christines father

He has now retired

Mike Ashton

Mike is the farm manager. He does the milking and runs the milking cows while also looking after young stock and other animals on the farm.

Mike is the eldest son.

Ange Brooks

Ange runs the office and organises orders and also does deliveries of the milk around Hawkes Bay.

Ange is the eldest daughter.

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